Sunday, January 4, 2009

#Started the blog today

My name is Lubomir I. Ivanov (Любомир И. Иванов). I'm from Varna, Bulgaria (a city near the Black sea).

I mostly work on designing software applications for the Web and for CD/DVD's. However I'm interested in a lot of different areas. I'm a graduate of the Technical University of Varna and I keep relations with some people from the university, when discussions on bizarre technical subjects are required (perhaps i should add that i've worked there as asst. prof. for a while too).

This blog is about some of my researches into Electronics, Mathematics, Physics, DSP, also about RIA: Flash/Flex and any "ventures" into sound and graphic design.

I'll be posting any facts, papers and articles in here.

Hope you find some of the information useful and/or interesting.