Saturday, January 31, 2009

#Quantum cryptography

You can check the following lecture by Daniel Gottesman on quantum cryptography, if you are interested in the possibilities of using quantum-computers, q-bits and super-positioning in cryptography.

Quantum computers are yet to be designed since its very difficult to tame particles and their behavior. But already, there are some very baby-stage prototypes. If you have watched science-fiction shows like StarTrek, you may have noticed that they don't use binary computers (with ones and zeros - 01010010) they use something more advanced. Maybe quantum computers are the future. They are supposed to be times faster, than any normal computer.

The lecture is 1hour, 15min long:

video at

"Daniel Gottesman - Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Sensitive information can be valuable to others - from your personal credit card numbers to state and military secrets. Throughout history, sophisticated codes have been developed in an attempt to keep important data from prying eyes. But now, new technologies are emerging based on the surprising laws of quantum physics that govern the atomic scale. These powerful techniques threaten to crack some secret codes in widespread use today and, at the same time, offer new quantum cryptographic protocols which could one day profoundly alter the way we safeguard critical information."