Tuesday, January 6, 2009

#Show/Hide information in blog posts

This is probably the easiest way I've found so far to show/hide contents in posts. There are other solutions floating around but I think this one is the most user-friendly.

To enable the show/hide functionality open you blog-template (customize-layout-edit html) scroll down to the bottom and copy/paste the following code just above the end [/body] tag:

<script src='http://sites.google.com/site/neolit123/Home/hcon' type='text/javascript'/>
Save the template.
This enables the use of a simple [hcon] tag to hide/show contents. Here is an example:
<hcon open="[+]Open..." close="[-]Close...">Loooong text<hcon>More long text</hcon></hcon>
The 'open' and 'close' attributes are used to specify text names for the buttons. If no values are given [+]More... and [-]Less will be used by default. Also you can see that nesting is possible - as complex trees of [hcon] tags.

Here is a demo:
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Some notes:
- You can download and modify the hcon file (rename to .js). Also upload it to a faster server.
- Its working with the latest FF, Opera. With IE there seems to be a problem with innerHtml(the bug is described here).
- Under the K-Meleon browser I've noticed that the "blockquote", "div", "h" tags break the [hcon]. Also the the nesting is not working correctly.
- It also supports the [mp3] tag now: Link