Saturday, August 1, 2009

#JSFXGEN - Modular environment for generating dsp code. (update 01.10.09)

I've started working on a "modular environment for generating dsp code" similar to synthmaker/max/synthedit. The target dsp platform is JesuSonic.

First on the list is an online version made with flash/php?/javascirpt/html/xml.

The idea is to be able to add different editable modules, design custom routings and possibly some graphic front-ends.
I'm going to take my time with this one, while keeping it as simple-to-code and user-friendly as possible.

Working project title for now is "jsfxgen".

update v0.1.0 (01.10.09)
screenshot from 0.1.0
new stuff:
- moved to air/flex sdk for primary local version with save/load (online version is still possible)
- integrated a build in editor with scrollbar, undo, line numbers, syntax highlighting.
- variable based drag and drop routing between modules
- solid xml data model for the modules
- module export
- open/save file format structure