Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#update 16.11.2010 (holos / axonlib)

long time no post...

we (ccernn) have started working on a new library (holos) with the same concepts as axonlib but with a slightly different structure and a bit more restrictive license. key reasons for that "switch" involve the need for some changes in the above mentioned: license, structure but also in the naming of the library.

the following tagline sums it up:
"portable (win/linux) c++ framework/library for creating plugins/apps (exe/vst/ladspa)"

ccernn is currently working and experimenting on the integration of opengl as the default renderer for both linux and windows gui builds.
i personally think that opengl with a set of basic features is quite accessible these days and that there are probably more benefits than downsides to use it for this particular purpose...also considering that the library is targeting the desktop user mostly this should not be an issue.

there is also potential for some audio / midi integration for standalone executables.

the license for holos, unlike the one for axonlib, can be simplified as follows: the library user cannot distribute object code (binaries) unless he provides links to all the source code that was used for the creation of such. the user can still sell the object code. this takes a slight turn from gpl (to allow vst's for example), but in general is based on the same principles. the license is written from scratch and is not an extension of gpl / lgpl. hopefully no legal issues will be present.

we are also now using git as scm mirror of the repository - link bellow.

once again, if time permits, i will try to help out with some ideas, bugfixes and library internals.

you can find more information at these links:
SVN repo
GIT repo