Friday, March 18, 2011

#stripping down the windows sdk 3.5

here are some notes on how to strip down the size of the windows sdk 3.5 if you only need the set of compiler and libraries. this is a straight copy-past from a recent forum post...

you can strip down the 3.5 sdk as follows:

- get setup.exe from here:

(notice what the title says: Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008
_and_ .NET Framework 3.5)

- destination "somedrive:\sdk_tmp"

- install only the following components:
developer tools -> windows headers and libraries
developer tools -> compilers

- copy "program files\microsoft visual studio x.x" to "somedrive:\msvc"
- copy "somedrive:\sdk_tmp" to "somedrive:\sdk"
- goto "somedrive:\sdk" and delete everything but "lib" and "include"

- inspect the files "somedrive:\msvc\vc\bin\vcvars*.bat"

- set path to "somedrive:\msvc\vc\bin"
- set your environment variables "lib", "include", "windowssdkdir",
"vsinstalldir" etc..

- strip further libraries and compilers you don't need (e.g. for IA64).

- uninstall the 3.5 sdk

depending on what you have deleted and kept you will end up with a footprint of 100-400mb, which is a realistic size for a set of cross-compilers and libraries.

on low level debugging:
- find a older build of windbg (6.11.1 or something) (~20mb)
- include debug symbols with /Zi (or linker /debug) in your object code.
- follow trivial debug procedures...
reports in the category of addr2line should be available

or use alternative debuggers / methods...