Friday, July 8, 2011

#20 years of linux

as you may know, linux will soon have its 20th birthday (1991 - 2011). apparently its celebrated on august 25. here is an hour long video filmed at linuxcon japan of gregkh and linus discussing the version history so far, the recent "jump" to version 3.0 and some of the future plans for the kernel.

also in another video (44:18), andrew morton (akpm) gives an excellent answer to the question "what will happen to linux in another 20 years?" and i would like to quote a part of it:

"...could be at one day, a completely new technology comes along, some little quantum based computer with a million quad cores, which comes along and completely makes linux obsolete. i suspect the first thing such a computer will do is emulate x86 and we will just keep going. [laughs]"