Friday, January 20, 2012

#careerist folk

from time to time, i see people with impressive linkedin profiles - with at lot of past experience from major companies, a biography written in third person, graduated from multiple good universities with a masters degree, asking rather simple (and/or odd, fundamental) questions on mailing lists and forums.

while such questions might be in reality not so simple (being related to complicated fields like dsp, electronics, programming), what puzzles me the most is that according to their linkedln profiles, they should already know the answers and shouldn't be asking such questions at all in the first place.

i can only draw the following conclusions:
- they were just lucky not to be given work that required them to understand such matter.
(or the more drastic ones)
- they were very robust into their pursue of career, in such a way the they were able to march between the water drops, even if incompetence was at hand at a given moment in time.
- such people had good connections and were able to work without strict demands from their employers.
- they have mojo? most good looking women tend to have a lot of that.

in the non-materialistic sense, while knowledge might be more important than making money or being famous and respected, of course there is nothing wrong in pursuing a career in the field you enjoy. i often times wonder to what extent people (especially from academia), tend to push them self just to get that position at company x.

in any way, i think one shouldn't judge a person just from a well written biography.