Friday, February 24, 2012

#some changes in "git merge" as of 1.7.10

in the following blog post Junio C Hamano explains a small change in how "git merge" operates (from 23.02.2012):

...Nobody explained why the merge was made in a merge commit, because in order to do so after git merge already made the commit, they have to go back and run git commit --amend to do so.

Recently in a discussion on the Git mailing list, Linus admitted (and I agreed) that this was one of the design mistakes we made early in the history of Git. And in 1.7.10 and later, the git merge command that is run in an interactive session (i.e. both its standard input and its standard output connected to a terminal) will open an editor before creating a commit to record the merge result...

a new command line option will be introduced that controls this functionality:

[snip] will be sufficient to run the command with the --no-edit option and accept the canned commit log message without editing.