Friday, October 26, 2012

#windows 8 micro rant

i haven't seen or tried it yet, but i've seen some posts that people do not like the windows 8 new looks and mobile-like utilities. this new version seems like windows 7 with some mobile + touch screen extras, people say. what i'm sure however is that some of that can be disabled. here is an example for disabling the metro-ui:

so things like metro-ui should not be the only reason not to get a certain peace of software, because there may be an option to disabled such. perhaps the price itself can be a reason - which is around 30euros.

i cannot say more about the OS itself as i haven't read something drastically negative yet...
if you a are a windows "fan" and simply don't like the number 8, stick to 7.
but if you are concerned about the price or anything else certainly try linux instead